Lower Merion High School

Class of 1965

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Frank Esposto

(written by Robert Esposto)

ľAugust 8, 2013
Lower Merion Senior High School, Class of 1965

He was my best friend, confidant, and partner my entire life. Loosing someone who is part of you, is almost indescribeable and I would't wish this feeling on anyone. From the day I was born until the final days of Frank's life, we were always there for each other, laughing, crying, drinking, gambling, and all the things best friends do. I miss him every day and will never forget this great guy, I couldn't have had a better partner in business or life, he was the greatest big brother God could have given me. Frank passed August 8, 2013 in a peaceful setting with my memories of him living on as long as I breathe.